Thursday, October 23, 2008

Man down!

Even though Tucker Max sucks, I think it's only the gentlemanly thing to do to wish him a speedy recovery. Technically, if we're dissing him whilst he's laid up like this... we're abusing a cripple. And that ain't cool guys!

I don't know if you've noticed that Blogspot has changed the comment layout system, so over at it's kind of difficult to access the most recent comments.

This link might work for some of you.

It's all been quiet on the IHTSBIH front, there's been speculation from both sides about the probable success of the film, and all kinds of numbers thrown about

"umm leik.. what if everyone who bought the book brought 3 friends and a mime artist to see the film, that's like 1.5 million people going to see the film OPENING WEEKEND. And if each ticket costs 15 rupees then that means Tucker will wildly overshoot everyone's expectations! So fuck you! You're just jealous of Tucker!!"
It's still so far away that nobody could possibly call whether it'll be a success or not. That's not to say the film will be good, all it has to do is catch a cultural zeitgeist of Spring Break (highly likely to be released during SB) mixed with the gap in the market for raunchy, comedies.

I'm not saying it'll gross $20 million opening weekend, but all of us could be sitting here in 6 months time feeling absolutely disgusted as IHTSBIH makes $6 million opening weekend and experiences a slow drop off.

And then Hollywood embraces Tucker as a revolutionary creative genius. IHTSBIH is praised as a work of staggering genius, Assholes Finish First is released the same day as Chinese Democracy and Duke Nukem Forever to worldwide critical acclaim and midnight bookstore openings where people dress up as Tucker.

And then, Time magazine:
Fuck man, I'm getting goosebumps.. and you know the scary part?

In some parallel universe... this has already happened.