Monday, November 9, 2009

Just for posterity's sake..


From tuckermaxdoucebag:

"Here's a Tucker Max story you haven't heard of yet, and this goes back a few years when his book was just published and started making money.

I worked as a literary agent at the firm that signed Tucker. We basically deal with books about poker and gambling as well as male based literature. While I was not part of "Team Tucker" I was very good friends with the agent who represented him and got him his first book deal (when nobody else would touch him).

Tucker was pretty much a douche, but once the book started making money he became something else. He would have tantrums in the office of his agent that would permeate the rest of the floor. He would scream and shout how he was "being robbed" when we ran a legitimate operation. Facts of the matter are this, his agent GOT HIM THE DEAL. Tucker (somebody with a legal background, enough so to understand contract law) SIGNED THE DEAL.

As with any agency, all money that one of our clients earn goes through the agency before the writer is paid. This way the writer is guaranteed his money as they are backed by the agency and their legal/accounting leverage. This is STANDARD. This is the way how things are done. We take our percentage and cut the check.

Anyway, this did not work for Tucker Max. He accused the agency of stealing from him. The reason was because the publisher had taken a bit longer then we were told to send us the check. Tucker's agent assured him that it could be nothing further from the truth and he had nothing to worry about. These things happen more often than not, it's the nature of the business.

Of course this was not good enough for Tucker. He threw a huge tantrum in our offices and threatened pretty much every agent on the floor, saying "If I don't have my money by XXX date, I'm coming back here and beating you all with a bat". That's not exactly what he said, but it was about as close as you can get. This was a "professional" writer whom had just gotten his first book deal, and he was now accusing the people who got the deal of theft. The firm is a legit business enterprise, but this was not good enough. Tucker said he could do things better and cut the middle man (the agent) out of the equation.

Problem was, Tucker couldn't really get out of the contract and my firm has (and still is) receiving money from IHTSBIH. To clarify, he's not making that much per book. That's pretty standard of ANY FIRST TIME UNKNOWN AUTHOR. They make their money on the 2nd book and so on. I won't say how much he's making, but it's less than 1/2 of the .80 cents per copy that is being claimed in these forums.

Also, he never got anything remotely approaching 300,000 for his 2nd book. You might as well have told everybody that you could throw a football over them there mountains. His book, while MODESTLY successful, had nowhere near the amount of sales to warrant even close to 100K let alone 300K.

Hey TUcker, if you're reading this, it's Greg from your old agency. Fuck you bitch, I'm glad you failed."

More on this later. Do NOT email be about this, people.