Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Great quotes of our time

"Anything The Hangover can do at the box office we can beat. Easily." Tucker Max, June 2009

The Hangover is officially the biggest grossing R-rated comedy of all time.

It was pretty clear even before it hit theatres that The Hangover was going to do well, but I don't think anyone expected it to make quite this much money without any major stars in it.

So I guess Tucker's movie is going to make like twice as much?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Art of Deconstruction

There's kind of a lot to talk about in Tuckerland these days- and as usual for all things Tucker, most of it concerns the deafening silence surrounding Tucker's TEICM (Totally Epic, Industry-Changing Movie. Obviously.).

I was originally going to write something about the recently-posted email exchanges between Tucker and Mr.X- http://tinyurl.com/lk56aw, scroll down to 6/17/2009, 9:42, AM to see the exchanges- but that matter is rather self-explanatory, and of course we'll have to wait until Tucker's highly artistic, beautiful, moving film releases to see how that bears out.

Instead, I'd just like to briefly draw attention to something I like to call the art of deconstruction. If you're reading this, you're likely already aware of the bright new star in the 'Tucker Hater' pantheon, Deconstruction Guy, or as I think we should all refer to him going forward, 'The Deconstructor' (come on, try telling me that's not a cool nickname). Basically, this guy began by breaking down some of Tucker's movie-blog posts with biting, compelling commentary, but now he's moved on to deconstruct Tucker's really awesome and hilarious artistic stories in the same manner. I'll not repost the stories here, since most of this blog's readers are already aware of them, but if you haven't read The Deconstructor's work yet, please do yourself a favor- go here: http://tinyurl.com/lg92mo, scroll to the entry at 6/29/2009, 2:08 PM, and enjoy yourself. Keep reading the subsequent entries, as there are quite a few entries from The Deconstructor. It's truly one of the most focused and lucid analyses of the Max mythos you'll find anywhere, and it draws attention to many of the issues in Tucker's alleged 'writing' that betray his foolishness. Especially illuminating is The Deconstructor's treatment of Tucker's hockey-game story.

In all candor, I'm surprised that Tuck hasn't found some way to indirectly respond, as The Deconstructor has completely pieced him at every turn. Light, I think you should think about offering a writing spot to The Deconstructor on this blog; it would be like trading for Kevin Garnett- we'd be the Big Three of the Tucker-hater movement.

The art of deconstruction is the art of looking past Tucker's bravado, his 'smarter-than-you' attitude, and his 'I've already proven myself; what, didn't you know?' disposition to actually think rationally about what he says and what he does. The Deconstructor's work is an excellent example of this. Another is what I alluded to in my last post, 'A Check Your Ass Can't Cash', in which I considered the disparity between what Tucker says/promises/alludes to, and what actually comes to pass. He has a miserable track record (remember when he said he was going to do a big breakdown of the storyboard, with Frame Forge, etc.? Remember the 'tons of new video, pictures, and interviews' he promised? And he STILL hasn't given the world its promised distribution deal breakdown- what a joke, considering everyone interested sort of knows it anyhow, thanks to this blog and the doucebag-blog), and there seems to be a strange parallel between what Tucker thinks and wants others to think (amazingly revolutionary, everything just keeps on getting better and better) and what actually appears to be transpiring (a pretty standard playout for a low-budget movie with marginal talent, based on a niche property).

The point is that the more one follows this guy, the more one begins to recognize not only the need to look past his smoke-and-mirrors approach to public discourse (a necessary one, given his record of performance), but the ease with which it can be done. That's the art of deconstruction, and Tuckster's like a clean palette for it.

The Deconstructor is the bright new star in the Tucker-Hater universe. Let's raise our glasses to him and hope that he continues to work his magic in our midst, as Tucker's incredibly provocative, heartfelt and meaningful epic art film moves closer to its release.

Vive le doucebag blog! Vive le Fuck Tucker Max blog! Vive Le Deconstructor!