Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You must watch this

What follows is a first-hand look at exatcly what's been going on behind closed doors at the crumbling Rudius Media empire. As a bonus, there is more comedy in this three-minute video clip than in Tucker's entire movie. What you are about to see... may shock you.

All credit goes to Ryan Holiday's intern, for being brave enough to share the truth with us.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Not to take any of the attention away from Light's post from earlier today (read below- it's a great entry), the Rudius Media Messageboard has been shut down. D.O.A. Dead in the water. Stopped cold in its tracks.

Don't believe me? Click here.

Here's Tucker's final post on the RMMB:

"It is nearly seven years to the day since SlingBlade encouraged me to put up a forum on my site where we could talk shit to people, and in that time, this place has grown with me as I have gone from some random asshole with a website to a famous asshole with a #1 best selling book and movie.

This message board has been many other things to me over the years: Hilarious, enlightening, encouraging, distracting, frustrating, and above all, entertaining. I am glad it ran for as long as it did, and the community that grew up around it provided much value to many people beyond myself, and for that, I am very thankful.

But all things must eventually end, and for this board, that time is now. As helpful as this place was in it's time, I no longer have the time or desire to put in the effort necessary to maintain it.

That being said, various people who post regularly here have decided to spin their own niche communities off and keep going. I've encouraged them to do this, I think they are all capable of running an online community and I wish them the best of luck. If the subjects of these boards interest you, I encourage you to join and participate, as these will all be intelligent and well-run boards...

Though the message board that I started is shutting down, this does not mean I am retiring or stopping writing or anything like that. Quite the opposite. I am hard at work not only on my next book, Assholes Finish First, but another book that I will announce soon, and I have many other projects that will come to fruition over the next few years."

Good riddance, Tucker. I guess the revolution will not only NOT be televised, it won't even be on the internet.

Hey brah

How does it feel to be on the winning team, brah?

Grab yourself a drink, Barry Bater made punch and I do believe TDG has provided some pie for us all. Pull up a chair, put your feet up - we've got nothing to do but toast.

(Success Baby says... "Success!")

Watching IHTSBIH revenue slow and slow. Currently sitting on $1.3 million and, oh my, does it feel good to be right!

It's been entertaining as fuck watching Tucker Max bring financial and professional ruin on himself and others. That boastful claim about topping whatever "The Hangover" could do, the outright lies about distribution up until the very last second when he revealed it was Freestyle, the rumours about how everyone on set hated him, the grandiosity of his paradigm-shifting plans for Hollywood and so on. If I could turn the clock back and live it all over again, from scratch, then I would do it in a heartbeat.

I loved the way people outright said to Tucker on his own message boards that it would not be a success, and he slammed them, deleted them, banned them. Has there ever been a more enjoyable story of a douchebag getting his come-uppance?

Now folks, I know things aren't over yet - we still have the DVD release to look forward to, and of course, the smash hit that will be Assholes Finish First (yeah it was pushed back a year brah, cos the world wasn't ready!) But surely you can't be mad at me for wanting to toast this moment?

FUN FACT: If you made any money at all this year, or at least lost less than 10 million dollars - then you are more successful than Tucker Max.

There has been too much to enjoy on Rudius Boards now: the blame game, the sycophantic mods finally starting to see the light, long-term fans getting FUCKYOUBANNED at the drop of a hat. Its like watching a seed grow into a beautiful flower. Truly, it is the perfect compliment to the piss-poor box office receipts.

I don't really have that much else to say, what a fun ride it has been to this point. I just felt that this blogspot needed a little something written about how things have gone, and I thought it was about time we slapped each other on the back and said "Fuck Tucker Max. His time is up!".

Apologies that this little hate website never quite got the constant flow of content it deserved. Now that things are over I feel I could've done so much more for you haters. Truly it was that shone bright. And, in the end, it was you guys who became the stars of the show!

Stand up:

Barry Bater (he helped liven up the tuckermaxlies office, and I like to think we shared a moment at the Christmas party...)
The Deconstruction Guy (aka TDG) (the Michael Jordan of this shit)
Think About Tucker Guy (aka TATguy) (I will never stop TAT, I love you)
Japanese Spammer
Ryan Holiday's Intern

Viacom Guy

Cockly McBeefwell
Cloud Starchaser
Fiat dollars guy
Anti-Semitic guy
Guy who fucked The Trixie up the ass
Former mod (yay, for you saw the light!)
Current mods (it's not too late to jump ship!)
mccoymountain and pmcdonnell (IMDB is a better place with you in it)
and people I forgot because I'm lame, and all those of you who fake-nicknamed up...

or remained... Anonymous

Raise your glasses! To Tucker Max and his lies!