Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is the RMMB's very own Sillylittlefreak (aka Jon Tando) (now deleted. presumably out of shame) (His "company") (Digg user... submitted a Tucker story that got a MASSIVE 7 diggs) (Subscribers.... 1) (Hasn't been used since 2004)

Read this:
"I'm priced out of their range...Their words, not mine. My rep asked them for $120k a year. I think they're offering in the $80-90k range."

Sillylittlefreak is 37 years old and currently unemployed.



Anonymous said...

This is my favorite post ever! This guy is 37?!?!?! And he runs part of Tucker's messageboard like he's some kind of iron-fisted ruler?!

What a fucking dimwit. Go get a job, loser. Or go suck Tucker's dick. Either way, you're officially the worst.

Anonymous said...

ok, I had mixed feelings when his name + web page were posted on the douchebag blog, but seriously... 2 earrings? what the fuck! He's like one of those cardboard characters in tucker's stories, the kind that appear out of nowhere so tucker can mock them, then promptly disappear.

Anonymous said...

kind of like these four characters from Tucker's lost interview?

(When we last left off, Tucker was about to prove his stories are true, so he called some friends over.)

(The doorbell rings again. Tucker goes to answer it.)

Tucker: Get in here you assholes!

(In walks 4 people. They are…)

A fat girl.

A small frail dork with a lazy eye.

A heinous Asian girl.

A greasy haired fat doofus in a camouflage vest.

Tucker: (to the group) Tell this idiot about how I met you and what greatness you witnessed as I decimated you through superior debating skills, sheer intellect and the art of war, and shit?

Fat Girl: We were at this exclusive party at some fancy townhouse. They had bartenders and stuff. And food. Lots of food.

Lazy Eyed Dork: Tucker showed up with a small group of Navy Seals. Big muscular guys… I think they were drunk.

(Tucker smacks the Lazy Eyed Dork)

Tucker: I didn’t ask you to “think” you wall-eyed freak!

Asian Girl: Why you no rike me? You want me frip over?

Tucker: Shut up Ming-Mong before I blind fold you with dental floss!

Guy With Camo Vest: Leave her alone, dude.

Tucker: Well, well, well… If it isn’t the Pillsbury Commando. When was the last time you washed—

Reporter: Whoa, whoa – wait a minute. These four people are from one of your stories?

Fat Girl: The donuts story.

Tucker: It figures you’d remember the name, Double-wide!

Fat Girl: I’m not that fat.

Reporter: …um… your body language does say “Arby’s”

(Tucker goes over to ‘hi-five’ reporter)

Reporter: Get those micro-mitts away from me, Chinzilla.

Tucker: Well suit, have my witnesses made my case or not?

Reporter: Let me ask a few questions first.

(Tucker rolls his eyes)

Reporter: Fat girl, what is your name?

Tucker: (nervous) She doesn’t have to answer that. (to fat girl) Shut up!

Reporter: Can any of you four state your names?

Tucker: (warns) Don’t answer, assholes.

Guy With Camo Vest: What’s a name?

(Reporter reaches over and tries to touch Camo Vest guy but his hand just passes through him as if he’s a ghost. The guy is vapor.)

Reporter: Do any of you four even exist?

Guy With Camo: (sheepishly admits) …Up until minutes ago when Tucker summoned us into his fantasy land I was part of a Nimbus cloud floating over Burbank.

Asian Girl: (admits) And I was a brute-a-ful lainbow!

(Pissed, Tucker breaks out a vacuum cleaner and sucks the four witnesses inside the hose.)

(Nils enters, sweating)

Nils: I’m sorry, were you guys just talking about Arby’s?

(Tucker beats Nils with the vacuum hose until he retreats into his feeding room)

Reporter: This isn’t good you know, right?

Tucker: What? This? This is awesome and going BETTER that we expected. You people make me laugh. Keep “talking about my movie.” The word of mouth will make this movie huge.

Reporter: But “Snakes on a Plane” had the largest film buzz and word of mouth in history and it failed.

Tucker: But that’s because the script and subsequently, the film, was not good. In their case word of mouth didn’t matter. The script is the only factor.

Reporter: But people are saying your script is awful.

Tucker: Maybe so… BUT, their talking about it causes tremendous word of mouth. And word of mouth will make this huge. The script is not important.

Reporter: Are you mentally retarded?

Tucker: I’m Tucker Fucking Max.

Reporter: So it seems… Look. I asked for someone you know to call in on speaker phone. Do you mind?

Tucker: I can’t grow enough dicks to handle the pussy that is thrown at me.

Reporter: For the record, I haven’t seen ANY pussy being thrown at you, ever.

Tucker: That’s because you’ve never been here for “Tucker: After Dark” asshole!

(Nils enters wearing a Speedo carrying two buckets of KFC Original Recipe)

Nils: Are you ready for another all-night marathon of ‘Mario Kart’, Tucker?

(Tucker opens a closet, pushes Nils in it and SLAMS the door shut)

(The phone rings)

Reporter: (pushes speaker phone button) Is that you, Dennis?

Daddy Max: To the Max, baby!

Tucker: (surprised) Daddy?


Anonymous said...

Light, I LOVE YOU!!!

I think I saw SLF's pic on a pedophile page.

Anonymous said...

In that picture Tucker's cock almost looks like a cigarette.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you're doing this. We already have a "We hate Tucker" site which you also post on.

I mean, I am definitely not a fan of Tucker but you're a little creepy in your eagerness.

Anonymous said...

^^What's the other "We hate Tucker" site?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this guy is an asshole. all i ever see from him are smart ass posts directed at someone he just banned. really sad

Anonymous said...

i can get over the 37 and being unemployed.

really, i can.

but there's no excuse for having a blog that sucks so much ass when you're 37 and unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Careful who you piss off, SLF. On the internet, it always comes back to haunt you.

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